Friday, July 29, 2016

Pet Sitting Dover New Hampshire: Maya Returns

About a week ago, for 1.5 days, I had the pleasure of watching Maya.  Her owner was very pleased with my service so she hired me again. This time, I watched Maya for an entire week, and with the owner's permission, I took her to White Mountains of New Hampshire.

During our stay in the woods, Maya enjoyed a week of walking, playing in a 58 degree cold river, being my fly-fishing buddy, and receiving TLC 24/7.  Here's a brief video -- she spent four hours in the water swimming and fetching rocks.

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To read about my first visit with Maya

Walking-Woods-Water.  Add in a moose, a few turkey, wild Brook Trout, an osprey, lots of sleep and 24/7 TLC -- what dog would not love this experience/service?

Thanks Maya.  Looking forward to our next adventure.