Saturday, June 1, 2019

Fort Collins Pet and House Sitting: River Walks

The benefit of working from home is that your dog gets to be with you 24/7.  The downside is that when you do need to board him, he is anxious, scared and completely unfamiliar with being placed in a kennel overnight.  This tends to make for a nightmare experience both for our dog and the big brand pet boarding services.

I recently used On the Fly Pet Sitting and was amazed by the experience.  As a boutique pet sitting service, the entire process was personalized to the needs of our dog.  Mark was kind, extraordinarily communicative about his hands on process, and most importantly genuinely concerned about the experience and care of our pet.  Rather than being one dog of 20, our lab was given individual attention for the duration of his stay.  From river walks to playtime in the back yard with Mark, Otter was treated as if he was Mark's own dog. Upon pick up, we found our pet to be happy, tail wagging, and believe it or not, a little reluctant to leave.

On the Fly Pet Sitting will be our go to play to board our pets in the future.  Incredible value, hands on and caring experience.  Strongly recommended.

K. Tode