Service - Price

Service Areas
- Fort Collins (we are located in FoCo)
- Timnath, Wellington, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and other nearby NoCo towns 

100% Custom Service and Price  
Our most popular services are the 1) At My Home 12 hours daycare and 2) the 24 hours overnight boarding -- both offer maximum value, and the most flexibility for your busy work-life schedule.  

Service and price are negotiable -- if you don't like what you see, let's talk -- we can customize our services and fees to meet your needs.

Service Times and Reminders
- Drop as early as 6am and pick up as late as 10pm
- Open 24/7, 365 days per yer, including holidays (no extra charge for holidays)
Breed, and age/health restrictions may apply
- Services includes medicine therapy, and other special needs
- We provide bowls, leashes, toys, bedding, and wire crates
- No sales tax, and late pick up fees may apply

At My Home -- At My Home -- At My Home -- At My Home -- At My Home

$35 per 6 hours, or $50 per 12 hours
Overnight Boarding
$50 per 12 hours, or $80 per 24 hours

You are away short or long term.  Offers in town walks, foothills-river hikes, dog park visits, and play dates.  $20 for each additional dog.

In our comfy, stress free home, your dog will:
- Be treated and loved like family
- Play in a large backyard, with a 6 foot fence
- Continue it's normal daily routine
- Enjoy a dog couch, twin dog bed, or padded crates
- Limited pup capacity per day and night
- I work from home - your pup will quickly develop a healthy-positive bond

At Your Home -- At Your Home -- At Your Home -- At Your Home

$25 per 20 minutes visit
Quick pee/poo and food/water service.  Up to two dogs, two cats/small pets (FoCo only). 

$35 per 40 minutes or $45 per 60 minutes visit
Quick pee/poo, food/water service, extended neighborhood walk, and play time.  Up to two dogs, two cats/small pets (FoCo only).

$120 per 12 hours or $160 per 24 hours for pet and house sitting
You are away short or long term.  Includes neighborhood walks, foothills-river hikes, dog park visits, and potential play dates (unlimited dogs and pets, no breed restrictions).

At no cost, we are happy to meet you and your pet in your home, at my home, or other location (e.g., dog park).  NOTE: We do not do blind drop offs (meet-n-greet is required).

During a person-to-pet interview, we will do the following:

- Assess pet personality and energy level
- Review medical history and discuss special needs
- Discuss Q/A, review services, reservations, fees, payment, etc
If we agree to work together, a comprehensive pet/owner profile will be created.