Thursday, August 22, 2019

Boulder Colorado Pet and House Sitting: Reunion with my old buddies

Today's Blog Post

Do you remember me?  I was your pet sitter for 1.5 years.  Due to my client moving, I have not seen Leonard for nearly 6 months. 

I entered his new Boulder home and was jumped on, tackled, and smothered with kisses --  he was out of control with excitement. 

Keithy do you remember me?  She was a bit reserved when I entered the home.  Prior to moving to Boulder, I only watched her a handful of times.  After a few minutes, she gave me a combo of kisses and nips to the nose (she still needs to learn how to kiss).

We are the newest pet and house sitting service in Boulder. Clients work with us because:

↝ Age, Maturity, Experience
↝ Independent Owner (non-franchise or web App)
↝ Passed criminal background checks
↝ Handle special needs and difficult dogs
↝ Financially handle any emergency

We are accepting new Boulder clients and would love to meet-n-greet.  

PS. Don't forget your pet sitter is also a Colorado mental health counselor-coach, and a certified fly fishing instructor.