Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pet Sitting Dover, NH: River Walk

On a hot July afternoon, with temps in the low 90's, what's a German Shepherd to do?  How about a swim? Just five minutes from our pet care center (my home), we have walking paths and a river. Who knew this ball of fur, once in the water, would turn into a happy puppy once again.

I was told that Maya was abused and not a very emotional, social dog.  In fact, I was warned that she might be a bit protective of her space. Fortunately, we had no issues -- Maya gave me a 'kissy' within two minutes. The owner said," OMG, I have never seen her kiss a stranger."  The rest of Maya's stay was perfect, without any issue.  Maya enjoyed the chemical free dog yard and found the the basement tiled floor, to be cool and refreshing.


Maya's owner chose to work with me because:

  1. I offer an outdoor, chemical free, dog yard. 
  2. Drop-Off Dog Day Care with Field Trip: $30.00 based on two dogs per owner.  Based on a twelve hour shift, available 24/7 Monday - Sunday.  Drop off hours are flexible. Do you own active dogs that enjoy a run/walk in the woods -- perhaps a dip in a local river or pond?  We have logged thousands of injury free hours being outside with pets.  On our field trip, your pet will have constant contact with its pet sitter and lots of outdoor love.

Chemical Free Dog Yard.  
Dog's can be dog's, without exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Maya is a great dog.  Due to her past experiences, I could tell that she can become emotionally lost, confused, and protective. I recognize these are her survival skills learned from an abusive relationship. When I work with dog's like Maya, I love the process of finding their true, comfortable self.  For example, once Maya entered the river, an entirely different energy came over her -- she became a happy, playful dog. Before her departure, in front of her owner, Maya gave me her paw and a kiss -- perhaps, her way of saying thanks for the walk, and swim.

I love seeing these types of emotional transitions, both in dogs and humans. As a pet sitter and fly fishing instructor/guide, I am blessed to be part of these experiences.

Thanks Maya.