Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dover NH Pet Sitting: Chemical Free Dog Yard

20 x 20 Pet Patio

Prefer to drop-off your pet at our Dog Studio -- no problem. The good news, your pet will not enter a kennel mill, filled with chemicals.  Alternatively, your pet will enjoy a stress free, safe environment, that is all about good health.

100% Organic

We are not perfect consumers, but when we say we act in a socially responsible way, we truly mean it.  I created ever inch of this backyard with my own hands.  Since owning this 0.28 acre lot, it has never seen any pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals.  If you decide to use our drop-off services, whether inside or out, your pets will NEVER be exposed to any chemicals.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Wild Flower Field -- dogs can be dogs, in a natural environment.
  • 20 x 20 Dog Patio -- On good weather days, the patio is my home office.  If they desire, my furry guest can sit next to me the entire time. 
  • Dogs enjoy the comfort of lounging in our Dog Studio, but have immediate access to the outside for supervised Pee and Poo breaks.
  • If your pet likes afternoon outdoor naps, we have tons of shade. 
  • We do not have bug issues on this property -- no ticks and extremely low volume of blood sucking flies (only at dusk). 

Dog Studio: 40 Glenwood Ave.  Dover, New Hampshire.


Your pet will enjoy a spacious living area inside my chemical free home.  He or she can choose between the cool temps of our tile floor, the 10'x14' Persian rug, or our long comfy couch (not seen in photo).  Again, we offer drop-off daycare and overnight services at our 40 Glenwood Ave location.

Number of Pets

At our dog studio (my home), we absolutely refuse to care for more than four dogs at a time -- generally we average about two.  As a result, your pet will receive the maximum amount of attention. Outside, he/she will receive one-on-one professional supervision.

Built by man, loved by dogs

Final Words

We think caring for your dog in an organic free range environment, sets a new standard for best pet care practices.  In other words, by creating a chemical free environment and offering the lowest pet to sitter ratio, we provide the highest quality of care for your pets.  It's obviously not your pet's home, but it's the next best thing!