Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dover NH Pet Sitting: Our Referral Program

Did you know that your pet and house sitter is a certified fly-casting instructor and a licensed fly-fishing guide? 


Some pet sitting agencies offer a cash referral program.  If you want a cash kick-back, we can match these programs dollar for dollar.  However, we would like to offer a truly unique referral program.

  • Refer a qualified pet or house sitting client and receive a FREE lesson.  Pick either a fly-casting lesson or a fly-tying lesson. 
  • Don't fly-fish?  You can give your lesson to a family member, friend, co-worker, or anyone you think might enjoy this experience. 

E.I. Fly™1X Class

E.I. Fly™1X:  Beginner Level (Basic Casting On-Land Only)

This beginner class is designed for those who have a general curiosity about fly-fishing and who say, “I would love to learn how to fly fish, but I don’t have the time or gear to learn."  To get you started, we review rod set-up/balance, casting theory-instruction, and casting drills & skills.

The E.I. Fly™1X class is easily accessible and can be taught in a variety of locations. For Example: work, home, and local park's.  Students are given the opportunity to cast the ECHO micro practice rod and fast/medium action fly rods. By offering this unique combination of casting instruction and the use of top brand equipment, our students’ fly fishing skill and intelligence improves immediately.

E.I. Fly™5X: Fly Tying (Beginner Level)

To complete the cycle of the E.I. Fly Fishing System™ we offer the angler the opportunity to learn how to tie his/her own flies.  Why?  Catching a fish on a fly that you personally tied is an experience that offers an amazing sense of personal pride and accomplishment. 

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