Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fort Collins Pet Sitter: Moxie and Jamie Weekly Walks

Today's Blog Post

Client Testimonial

Highly recommend. My dogs are my family, not just pets, so I experienced a lot of anxiety around finding someone to be responsible for them while I was at work; then Mark entered the picture. He is obviously an animal person. He takes time to sit on the floor/couch and play with the dogs, getting to know each dog and their personality. He walks my dogs three times a week, consistently and reliably on schedule. 

When I come home from work they are noticeably less stressed from being alone, because they had 40 - 60 minutes with Mark. And it's also very nice to get a mid-day picture of their adventures. My one Rat Terrier (Moxie, seen in left pic) is cautious around new people, sometimes not warming up to them for months. Within the second day, Moxie had decided that Mark was safe and a friend.

C. Rehberg.  Fort Collins.