Monday, August 26, 2019

Fort Collins Pet and House Sitter: Barky-n-Bitchy

Today's Blog Post

Hi.  My name is Tia, and I live in Fort Collins.  Yes, that's me in the photo, being my B-B self, especially with new comers (i.e., Barky and Bitchy).  

Last weekend, I tried my B-B 'tude with my newest pet sitter, Mark.  He didn't respond like most pet sitters.  In fact, when I did my B-B 'tudy thing, he said, "Knock it off, and get your bitchy ass over here."  I did not know what to think of this guy -- no one comes into my home and talks to me that way -- I thought, maybe I should bite him?  He's pretty big and strong, so despite my fuss, I listened to him.  Turns out, he's not so bad -- he gave me treats and fanny rubs everyday, so I stopped the 'tude and we are friends now.     

We are the newest pet and house sitting service in Fort Collins. Clients work with us because:

↝ Age, Maturity, Experience
↝ Easily handle behavioral issues
↝ Independent Owner (non-franchise or web App)
↝ Passed criminal background checks
↝ Handle special needs and difficult dogs
↝ Financially handle any emergency

We are accepting new FoCo clients and would love to meet-n-greet.  

PS. Don't forget your pet sitter is also a Colorado mental health counselor-coach, and a certified fly fishing instructor.