Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pet Sitting Dover NH: Difficult Dogs?

I pet sit for all types of dogs, but I specialize in what we call 'difficult dogs.'  For example:

  • Dog's that do not function well in kennels
  • Dog's that have socialization issues with humans and other dogs
  • Dog's that have physical disabilities
  • Dog's that have specific medical needs

Meet Sadie, a rescued, so called 'difficult dog.'  I hate labeling her in this manner, but it is true, she has some issues.  I was told she has a permanent leg injury, barks frequently, freaks when she comes into close proximity with other dogs and people, and loves to chase cars.  But, after spending a week with her, I would definitely not label her a difficult dog -- at least not for me.  We were buddies the moment we met and had no issues at all.  Sure she barked a bit, and tried to chase a car, but she's a dog.  I found her to be extremely intelligent, loving, and very happy.  The one oddity I discovered, she pee'd on the grass, but preferred to poo in my flowers.  When I discovered this pattern, I laughed and had no problem with her behavior.  I hope to see her again, I already miss her.


I want my clients to know how I spend my pet sitting money.  Every penny I earn goes directly into my graduate school fund.  As of August 2016, I am a graduate student at Adams State University, enrolled in their online clinical mental health counselor program.  It's taken me a long time to get here, but I am finally pursuing my dream (it's never too late).  When I graduate, I am going to expand my fly-fishing business to include eco/outdoor therapies, and I very much want dogs to be part of this process/experience.  Helping people, dogs, fly-fishing, and nature -- sounds pretty good.

To my existing and future clients, your support means the world to me!

Thank You Very Much.