Friday, September 9, 2016

Pet Care Dover NH: Meet Canela

Holas Amigos.

Me gustaria presentar Canela -- al perro de Panama. (I would like to introduce Cinnamon, a dog from Panama).

Just over a year ago, I was in Panama, driving back to the USA from Patagonia.  Yes, you read that correctly; I have driven from Patagonia to New Hampshire! In fact, I have traveled from the very tip of our hemisphere to the southern tip of South America.  I'll save that story for another time .

I never expected to be pet sitting a dog that is originally from Panama -- I am glad I speak Spanish! About three years ago, Canela was rescued/adopted by Katherine, an American citizen, temporarily living and working in Panama.  Katherine's expertise are tree's -- exotic species to be exact.  She was working in an area of Panama that faces tremendous challenges related to potable water, native/invasive tree's, the Panama Canal and the recent expansion of the canal.  Prior to meeting Katherine, I read about these issues, but now after meeting her, I understand more.  I feel sorry for the local communities/people who have been negatively impacted by the recent expansion of the canal. Their way of life has forever changed, and may never return to pre-canal days.  I deeply respect people like Katherine who are trying to find sustainable solutions to the problems.

Canela is a hunter!
She loved exploring my organic-chemical free backyard.  She quickly introduced herself to the squirrels, chimpmunks, and anything else that moved.

Please Remember

We offer two services -- At Your Home or My Home.  At My Home, your pet:

  • will have full access to 0.28 acres of 100% chemical free yard
  • enjoy an outdoor/indoor stress free environment
  • receive 1:1 attention (I work out of my home)
  • our indoor pet space is our home; 100% owned by me -- it's not a rental apartment, and it is 100% free of all harmful chemicals, including lead paint. 
  • all difficult dogs are welcome -- no kennel issues here!
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