Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fort Collins Pet and House Sitter: Meet Gus

Today's Blog Post

Hi, my name is Gus.  My mom and dad are away for what seems like forever (well, just a week).  I miss my parents, but my new pet sitter is very cool. 

He's up early every morning and lets me out for a quick bathroom break.  We visit a local park for my midday walk -- he let's swim in the river and I love it!  In the evening, we play ball and I love how he chases me around the yard.      

The only complaint I have with Mark is, he gets easily annoyed when I try to cuddle with him -- well, actually I take up 95% of the bed, so I don't blame him.

I continue to pet/house sit in the Denver/Boulder area, but we are the newest pet service in Fort Collins. Clients work with us because:

↝ Age, Maturity, Experience
↝ Easily handle behavioral issues
↝ Independent Owner (non-franchise or web App)

↝ Passed state and national criminal background checks
↝ Handle special needs and difficult dogs
↝ Financially handle any emergency

We are accepting new Fort Collins clients and would love to meet-n-greet.  

PS. Don't forget your pet sitter is also a Colorado mental health counselor-coach, and a certified fly fishing instructor.