Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekend with Willie: Washington Park Pet Sitters


We spent the holiday weekend in Denver, watching our new client Willie.  He's a five year old German Shorthaired Pointer, and a former competitive field dog.  One minute he's pointing at Washington Park squirrels and geese, and the next he's fetching tennis balls.  He's one of the very best dogs we have ever watched!  He has it all -- intelligence, charm, playful energy, and he's very lovable.

Why Work With Us

- We are located blocks from Washington Park.

- When we watch your pet(s) they become part of our very outdoor, active family.

- We offer at 'Your Home' or 'Our Home' service.

- For your pet's safety, At Our Home we only work with one pet owner per day/night, and allow two dogs per owner.

- We are open 365 - 24/7.


If you're looking for pet sitters that offer great service and competitive prices, we would love to meet you and your pet(s).


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