Monday, September 11, 2017

Washington Park Dog Sitters and Moose Watchers

We took our little Denver friend on an adventure and he loved it!  Toby is a Havanese-Schnauzer mix and looks a lot like an Ewok from the Star Wars movies.

Yes, that is a mother moose in the background -- her baby was just to the left of her.

Why Work With Us

- We are located blocks from Washington Park.

- Your pet(s) becomes part of our very outdoor, dog loving family.

- We offer at 'Your Home' or 'Our Home' service.

- For your pet's safety, At Our Home we only work with one pet owner per day/night, and allow two dogs per owner.

- We are open 365 - 24/7.

- Large fenced in yard, perfect for all sized dogs.


If you're looking for pet sitters that offer great service and competitive prices, we would love to meet you and your pet(s).


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