Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dog Walking Field Trip, Dover NH

Here's some information that most pet sitters won't admit: For both dogs and dog walker, the standard neighborhood walk can get boring -- a bit stale, non-social, and uneventful!  To address this issue, I offer a service called Field Trips.  Your pets may be taken to the following:

  • Water: Ocean and Cocheco River.
  • Woods: Bellamy Forest Preserve, Cocheco River/Forest.
  • Parks: Dover Dog Park and others.

Price Comparison
  • Neighborhood Dog Walking: $20 per hour, unlimited dogs per owner. 
  • Field Trip: $30 per hour, for two dogs only per owner.  

If you would like to see your dog run and play on a regular schedule, we can create a program mixed with neighborhood walks and field trips. 

Pet Service Options

For your convenience, we offer two options: 
  • At your home.  We can combine house sitting along with pet sitting. 
  • At my home, with our organic (chemical free) dog yard. 
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