Saturday, July 11, 2020

Fort Collins Pet Sitter

Today's Blog Post

Service Reminders

1) My home day & overnight care
2) Your home day & overnight care
3) Outdoor/river time
4) Dog park and neighborhood walks

Pet Sitter Profile

Mark is a life long animal lover, and a professional, with a diverse background.  For example:

  • Professional mental health and addictions counselor-therapist-life coach
  • Passed all state and national background checks 
  • First career was in medical sales/product development, focusing on PPE and infection prevention products
  • Certified Fly Fishers International (FFI) casting instructor
  • Former guide and Patagonia lodge manager
  • Iowa State University scholarship athlete (football)

Final Word

Your pet and home will be safe!  Please feel free to call or email to review service options, questions, etc.

Thank you

PS. I grew up in the country, with outdoor dogs.  If your pup is either, they will get lots of outdoor-river-water time!