Saturday, June 1, 2019

Fort Collins Pet Sitter: Special Needs

Let me start by saying that Mark Foley with On The Fly Pet Sitting provides consummate professional care for your pet and I would highly recommend his service to any of our friends or family.

We have a small dog, Cobie, who is almost 10 years old and has special needs.  Our dog had a severe illness a year ago and as a result was diagnosed with diabetes and requires particular care.  He is on a regimented schedule of feedings, insulin injections, and exercise, so his supervision is more complicated than the average pet.

We recently decided to take an extended vacation overseas and it was the first time we left the dog since he became ill.  Needless to say, we were feeling anxious about handing over that care to someone else for two weeks. 

We didn’t need to worry with Mark on the job…

Mark is, in a word, amazing.  He loves animals and is trustworthy, conscientious, responsible, and kind.  Although he already has certifications in pet CPR and first aid, he went the extra step and researched canine diabetes and is a pro at the injections/medication administrations. We were truly impressed because it was difficult for us to get the hang of regulating our dog and I’m a nurse.

We flew Mark to Arizona from New Hampshire and he house sat for us as well.  At the conclusion of our travels we arrived home to find the dog and house in perfect shape.  I don’t think the dog even missed us! Cobie and Mark formed a special bond and it was a wonderful experience for us all.

Thanks, Mark!  We loved having you here and look forward to the next time we get to see you.  Cobie misses his morning strolls with you and is still checking your room to see if he can come in for a cuddle or a treat.

If you are looking for someone who will love your pet(s) and treat them as well as you do then you’ve found that person in Mark Foley.

M. Holliman