Saturday, June 1, 2019

Fort Collins Pet and House Sitter: No, I am the lucky one!

We feel so incredibly lucky to have found Mark at On the Fly Pet Sitting. Having just moved to Colorado and needing to find a pet sitter (that was not family) for the first time in their seven years of life was a little nerve wracking for my husband and I. Our dogs, Perkins (Chocolate Lab) and Tucker (Ruby King Charles) and are like our kids at this point in life - very much spoiled and used to only being left in a place that felt like home to them - and we really didn't like the idea of having to leave them at a kennel, of any kind. With Mark the dogs are treated like family.  When they see Mark they can't wait to greet him and at the end of the day, they act as if they didn't even miss us - Mark is truly the dog whisperer!  We would not leave our dogs anywhere else and feel so fortunate to have found On the Fly Pet Sitting.

E. Davis